As you probably know, liquid-cooled systems require maintenance. This could be merely topping up of your fluids, or more challenging problems like dealing with leaks or clogged water blocks. Which means draining the whole system, replacing the parts and hoping everything will work. We have all been there.

Is it really worth it?

Forget all about the hassle of choosing radiators, fans, pipes, pumps, fittings and building a water loop just to find out that it leaks or your expensive FPGA card is corroded.

TalentPros 1530 FPGA mining machine’s advanced air cooling solution eliminates the need for additional expenses, building a custom loop and still having the same performance as a liquid cooled setup.


Features And Benefits
  • Stand-alone operation mode
  • Core Power VRM – 8 phase, 300A
  • Operating voltage of 0.698V~0.876V
  • Requires only the installation of the device driver (FD4232)
  • No need for riser and micro USB cable
  • Conveniently located USB, PCIe and QSFP ports
  • Supports up to 4 16B DDR ECC DIMM 2400(MT/s)
  • Air-cooled design, no need for water-cooling
  • Maintenance-free, turn on, program, mine and forget
  • Automated hardware self-protection mechanism
  • Ability to reboot FPGA card without full power cycling (handy in remote operations with multiple units)
  • No additional licence to program bitstream or set voltage
  • No need for Vivado (needed only when mining with partial bitstreams)
  • Comes with m-View management system (see details below)
  • And best of all, it doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner (noise < 52db)
M-View Management System
  • Program bitstreams from PC to FPGA
  • Program bitstreams from SD card to FPGA (SD card can hold up to eight bitstreams)
  • Pool and Wallet management
  • Option to enable auto-mining immediately after bootup
  • Option to set desired voltage automatically after bootup
  • Set and monitor FPGA voltages
  • Ability to change voltage during mining
  • Monitor VRM current and temperature
  • Advanced monitoring of temperatures (VU9P, 3 areas of the PCB, DDR)
  • Upgrade of firmware

m-View Software

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